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“More than Words” – Exhibition Review

The exhibition called “More Than Words” is made by Sun Chan and his daughter Hikoko Chan. It is a very fun and creative concept where the artists create their artworks based on the shapes of Chinese characters.


The artwork above is made of the Chinese character, 金 (Jīn), meaning Gold.

Each and every artwork has its own number label and a chart pasted on the wall shows what character it is according to the numbers. Leaving the visitors guessing which character the artwork is based on. Visitors can enthusiastically go back and forth from the artworks to the wall.

Making a Chinese character into an artwork is a very brilliant idea. It gets the visitors’ imagination working by trying to figure out which shapes fits the Chinese character. This a smart way of applying typography into an artwork. Its uniqueness also engages the attention of the viewers. There are very few art exhibitions that involves and interact with the viewers.

Sun and Hikoko Chan successfully turned the ancient Chinese characters into interesting patterned artworks. The way they play with typography and making it into symmetrical patterns is very inventive.

IMG-20160317-WA0013 copy

So can you figure out which Chinese characters these artworks are made of?


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